Roger Dias

Road to Quality

Selecting Textile

The ROLE OF THE fabric used in coating and laminating varies widely.
In some cases, the fabric is little more than a carrier for the elastomer, something to provide a base for coating. Through it may offer some strength or assist in portance in the function of the final product.
In other areas, the fabric properties are crucial to the success of the end use, perhaps even offering the primary physical property characterstics.
In such case, the properties of the coating my be secondary,but provide an important additional function such as resistance to water or chemical penetration, improved abrasion resistance, and/or desired aesthetics.
Such extremes are rare; the coasting and the fabric most often work in concert.
choosing the proper fabric is as important as selecting the right polymer or elastomer.
The success of the final end-use product can be greatly influenced by fabric selection.

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